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What to expect from your midwife caregiver?

Safety and Security

With an emphasis on normalcy, we reduce risks by avoiding unnecessary interventions. Reduced infection rates by avoiding hospital germs. One to one care and treatment as needed to facilitate a safe birth. Here is a link to The CA Medical Board's Licensed Midwives regulatory information.

Appropriate Monitoring
Regular, thorough check-ups for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, during labor, and after the birth. Recommendations for diagnostic technology when appropriate. Plan with you for the unexpected and rare emergency. Referrals to other specialists or to a different birth setting if needed. Expertise in normal, natural childbirth.

Up to Date Training and Emergency Equipment

We are cross trained and experienced in handling emergencies that might arise during labor or birth. We are Neonatal Resuscitation Certified and Electric Fetal Monitor Certified. We carry emergency equipment, so we can perform all of the same assessments and procedures that would be done in the hospital, with a few exceptions, as follows: We do not use a fetal scalp electrode screwed into the baby's head to monitor the baby's heart rate; we do not perform amnioinfusion; we do not perform vacuum extraction or cesarean section or hysterectomy; and we do not perform intubation of the baby. We carry the same equipment to resuscitate the baby that is as that is available in the hospital, except that ours is operated by hand instead of by machine. We carry the standard medications used to provide safe maternity care and we are licensed to do so. In case of an emergency transport to the hospital, we have a doctor with OB hospital privileges willing to accept our client.

Respectful Treatment

Gentle, nurturing care that respects you, your family and your beliefs. Respect for your informed decisions about medical recommendations.

Support of your birth plan, including surrounding yourself with the people you choose.  Freedom to eat, drink, move or soak in the tub.  Freedom to assume any position that  helps you during labor and birth.

Personal Attention

Prenatal visits that allow plenty of time.  Visits often last one hour and are arranged at convenient times for you and your family, at our home or yours.  Visits often include meaningful discussions to explore and help resolve fears and concerns.

Plenty of Information

To help you make informed choices, we have non-rushed in depth question and answer time about all tests, procedures or treatments.  If we don't know the answers, we will discover them together by searching through the latest research.  We use evidence based practice to find our answers.

Sample of topics we cover during a prenatal visit:

  • Childbirth education
  • Introduction to breastfeeding and support
  • Nutrition
  • Suggestions for healthy lifestyle choices 
  • Newborn care
  • Emotional adjustment to pregnancy and becoming a mother
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Safe herbs to take while pregnant or breast feeding
  • Homeopathy

We offer all standard tests during
the appropriate time table.


"Having a highly trained obstetrical surgeon attend a normal birth is analogous to having a pediatric surgeon babysit a healthy 2-year-old."

--Marsden Wagner, MD



"Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?"   "Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?" says your God.
--Isaiah 66:9

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